New Computing for a New Era
Intelligence at the edge of everywhere.

Blaize® unleashes the potential of AI to drive leaps in the value that technology delivers to transform markets and improve the way we all work and live.

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New Computing for a New Era

Uncompromised AI Edge Computing

Realize the awesome potential of AI with the new Blaize® Pathfinder® and Blaize® Xplorer® AI Edge Platforms that are more efficient, more flexible, more accurate and more cost effective. Now you can deploy AI on the edge without sacrifice.

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Built for AI Workloads

We’ve only scratched the surface of an AI world. If you want AI applications that run across edge devices, operate at low power and touch millions, or that scale economically in data centers, don’t look to hardware platforms and software tools of the past. You need a new approach that doesn’t quickly run up against barriers of energy, cost and complexity.

THE BLAIZE® GRAPH STREAMING PROCESSOR (GSP®) architecture is powerful, energy efficient and adaptable to overcome the limits on computing that keep AI, machine learning and deep learning from doing all it can do. Our graph-native AI Software Suite is equally radical, simplifying and speeding deployment of your breakthrough AI applications, from the data center to the edge of everywhere.

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Blaize® AI Studio®
Unleash uncoded

The first open and code-free software platform to span the complete edge AI operational workflow from idea to deployed app. AI Studio® dramatically reduces edge AI application deployment complexity, time and cost, breaking the MLOps and app development barriers to edge AI deployments.

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Transform Markets

There is hardly an industry in the world that cannot benefit from the transformative power of AI. Blaize® addresses an enormous range of advanced AI use cases, solving the cost and usability challenges to AI adoption. Inventions in energy efficient high performance, general purpose programmability, and scalability open new doors for AI across markets.

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Make the Future Happen

The future doesn’t just happen. It’s made to happen. At Blaize, you’ll be the one making it.

Explore opportunities to play a formative role in a game-changing team leading the path for new computing.

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