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Intelligence Where You Need It

Blaize® GSP®-based solutions enable easy migration of AI-driven analytics between tiers, typically from the data center core out to the edge. You can now transform burgeoning data to information precisely where and when it is needed.

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you can go
with AI

The Blaize® common hardware architecture and programming model enables developers to create low-latency energy-efficient Al solutions that are ideal for processing intensive use cases such as image processing, security systems, and natural language processing.

Blaize® GSP® solutions provide superior platforms for inferencing in the data center, on-premises compute points, and at the edge. Blaize systems deliver maximum efficiency and flexibility to meet a broad envelope of power/performance/cost targets. Full programmability means customizable and differentiated products, and provides tools to address a broad class of unserved Al use cases.

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Full Spectrum Processing

Analytics close to many types of sensors or in the core data center. Distributed computing across different layers, such as monitoring traffic across an entire city to shape and control efficiency.

Flexible Processing

Expanding the options of "when" and "where" to compute based on latency and cost parameters. Developers can now elect application-driven optimal AI computation points utilizing Blaize common hardware and programming model.

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