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AI Studio® transforms productivity for faster ROI of AI edge deployments

Industry's first open and code-free AI software platform for full End-to-End Edge AI life cycle

AI Studio® delivers AI-driven, application end-to-end data operations (DataOps), development operations (DevOps), and Machine Learning operations (MLOps) tools. Our AI Software Platform reduces your dependency on critical resources like Data Scientists and Machine Learning (ML) engineers, reduces the time from development to deployment, and makes it easier to manage edge AI systems over the product’s lifetime. AI Studio is designed for deployment to edge inference accelerators, on-premises edge servers, systems, and AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) for cloud-based applications.

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Streamlined data capture and edge deployment with dynamic data labeling and annotation functions, leveraging AI knowledge base, Blaize Marketplace, and guided strategies enabling Business Experts with AI expertise.

Key Functions

  • Collect
  • Explore
  • Label & Annotate
  • Share via Marketplace
AI Studio Data prep (classification) Demo AI Studio Data prep (detection) Demo AI Assisted AI Studio Data Prep (detection) demo


Automated Low-code/No-code intuitive GUI development environment enabling drag-and-drop application creation for enterprise and citizen developers.

Key Functions

  • Import models from Blaize Marketplace, co-workers, or train your own
  • Optimize and fine-tune for edge deployment
  • Pre & Post Processing
  • Iterate, review, and compare results
  • Share and collaborate via Marketplace
App & Model Development Demo


Deploy and manage your production applications using state-of-the-art monitoring with the ability to detect and correct model performance.

  • Deploy to edge and other GSP-equipped devices
  • Monitor resources and operating metrics
  • Monitor application/model performance via data drift detection
  • Improve model performance due to data drift via ML Ops retraining flows
  • Monitor and deploy Single Page Applications and APIs
AI Studio Single Page Application Creation Demo


AI Studio marketplace allows users to browse and use AI/ML artifacts to get up and running quickly or share securely across their team and organization.

Key Functions

  • Provides a central hub of solutions, datasets, models, and other AI/ML artifacts
  • Blaize and partners provide sample applications ready to test, deploy or extend for your use
  • Version content and securely share with your team members or tag for production deployment
AI Studio Marketplace Overview