Blaize® Graph Streaming Processor®
The New Compute Architecture

Blaize® Graph Streaming Processor® (GSP®) architecture and graph native Picasso® software are a fusion of breakthrough hardware and software technologies – each optimizing the other – to clear the barriers to widespread AI adoption. AI must be useable to be useful, and must fit into real-life budgets of energy, cost, size and complexity.

Rethinking everything from transistors to boards to software, Blaize achieves leaps in energy efficiency, AI training to inference integration, and broad usability.

New Class of Silicon

The fully programmable GSP architecture leverages task level parallelism and streaming execution processing in an intuitive manner, enabling developers to take advantage of extremely low energy consumption, high performance and superior scalability. In comparison, existing GPUs and FPGAs exert a jaw-droppingly higher energy price, while CPUs cost more and scale poorly, and all are subject to excessive latency due to their sequential execution processing architectures.

New Computing in Action: Blaize Graph Streaming Processor Architecture

The Blaize® Graph Streaming Processor® architecture busts through the limitations of older architectures to enable greater energy efficiency, lower latency, reduced size, and significant cost savings for AI workloads.

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