Smart Vision

Intelligence in Vision

Overcoming the power, latency and efficiency challenges of the huge and diverse market, Blaize® is unleashing Smart Vision driven AI.

Think where
you can go
with AI

Blaize® GSP® brings AI processing right to the point – to be acted on by performing analytics of standard cognition at the sensor edge of multi-tiered smart vision applications. From analytics at the sensor edge, network-based analytics, server analytics or the core cloud/data center, Blaize provides the new computing foundation for a full range of next-generation Smart Vision applications.

Achieve breakthroughs in smart city, retail analytics, 3D sensing, robotics, work efficiencies, object detection, and dozens of other smart vision use cases.

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Smart Factory

AI enabled cameras and robotics vision sensor security systems, 3D sensing, non-visual spectrum cameras extended to high value use cases including time and motion studies to increase factory efficiency, worker safety, process compliance, and quality control.

Smart Retail

AI opens the door to a host of applications leveraging retailers existing ubiquitous security cameras. Edge processing performance at low power helps retailers optimize security, inventory, placement, monitoring and customer experience.

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Smart City

Progressive cities are focused on efficiently moving people and product through their streets. Traffic and pedestrian monitoring and management, parking management, city-wide safety, all require new AI compute efficiency at the edge.

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