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Designed to execute neural networks, Blaize® GSP® is a more efficient way to run standard and
customized neural networks in autos and mobile transportation vehicles.

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Replace power-hungry GPU and FPGA chips with Blaize® GSP-based platforms for up to 60x systems efficiency advantage and a single scalable architecture across use cases. Plus, full programmability for a range of platforms, dynamic workloads, and updates.

Combining low latency with low power consumption, Blaize GSP is ideal for efficiently processing AI workloads at the automotive edge, as either an embedded or accelerator solution.

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Driver and passenger monitoring safety features, infotainment, gesture UI and driver UX hinge on low-power, high-performance, cost-effective, and easily programmable edge processing.

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Exterior Functions

Drive train control and monitoring, camera/LiDAR/Radar sensor pre-processing allows faster response and higher performance in the sensor fusion system.

Autonomous Vehicles

High-speed object detection, lane departure, forward collision path learning, sensor fusing make up the immense and complex AI workloads that characterize autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles.

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