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If you are looking for programmability, energy efficiency, usability, cost advantages and scale, then Blaize is your way to what’s next.


Build Efficient AI Applications on One Platform

Blaize delivers the first true graph native hardware and software. Now designers can build multiple neural networks and entire workflows on a single architecture. The result – the most efficient performance/watt/mm2 at the system level, faster builds, accelerated workflows and apps that run efficiently where you need them, be it edge or core.

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Energy efficiency for AI Inferencing workloads

The Blaize XPlorer X1000 incorporates Graph Stream Processor™(GSP) cores, to achieve new levels of processing and energy efficiency ideal for computing AI inferencing workloads across a wide variety of use cases. The Xplorer X1000 offers tremendous improvements (10 – 100X) in overall systems efficiency vs. legacy GPU/CPU solutions. XPlorer X1000 includes discrete SOCs, PCIe and compact acceleration modules, M.2, M.3, EDSFF, and SOM for embedded systems.

Low Power, Fully Programmable GSP-based Processors

Blaize Early Access Program

Blaize provides commercial, plug and code-ready, Blaize Xplorer X1000 GSP on a PCIe along with our Blaize Linux PC-based Development Station running Blaize Picasso software, and featuring our NetDeploy™ tool to accelerate development. Available to qualified customers.

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Blaize Picasso Software Development Platform

A true graph-native software platform accelerates the entire AI application development cycle to build and optimize complete artificial intelligence applications running on GSP silicon.

Get trained models out of the lab and into the field

Neural networks built on training hardware are not deployment ready. A powerful automated deployment feature of Picasso, NetDeploy automatically converts and optimizes AI frameworks to Blaize hardware, shortening manual deployment time from weeks to minutes.

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Intelligent Automated Software Tools

The emergence of powerful and efficient hardware at the edge opens the doors to invention of easy to use personal AI computing, with AI processors becoming available in affordable PCs and peripherals. Today’s impediments to AI development - high cost of hardware, cloud services, data and skilled talent – will give way with a new era of synthetic data, models marketplace, models reuse, and citizen scientist powered by a new generation of software tools.

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What's Next

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