Accelerating Advanced Analytics for Edge AI Applications: Blaize® Picasso® Analytics

As technology evolves, the demand for sophisticated edge AI applications is surging. From smart cities to automotive advancements, the need for real-time insights and decision-making capabilities at the network’s periphery has never been more critical. At Blaize, we recognize this demand and are committed to empowering developers with innovative solutions to meet these challenges head-on. To meet this demand, we have released Blaize® Picasso® Analytics. This cutting-edge framework and toolkit are designed to revolutionize how developers approach advanced analytics for edge AI applications. 

By combining ease of use with powerful functionality, Picasso Analytics promises to accelerate development timelines while significantly reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Simplifying Complexity, Accelerating Innovation

Building advanced video analytics solutions has historically been complex and costly. Developers have had to contend with many hardware components, fragmented software, and specialized tools, all contributing to lengthy development cycles and high expenses. With Picasso Analytics, we’re changing that paradigm.

Our new platform offers a simple, intuitive approach to developing customized analytics pipelines with limited or no coding required. 

By leveraging a graph-based framework, developers can rapidly create complex and specialized analytics applications with low latency and efficient execution. This streamlines the development process, reduces costs, and accelerates time to solution.

Empowering ISVs and VMS Vendors

Picasso Analytics isn’t just about simplifying development for individual developers—it’s about empowering the entire ecosystem. By integrating seamlessly with Blaize’s existing hardware and software platforms, Picasso Analytics enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Video Management Systems (VMS) vendors to enhance their products and deliver additional value to customers.

Our toolkit provides ISVs and VMS vendors with a powerful and flexible software framework and a comprehensive library of reusable processing components. This enables them to build more sophisticated analytics solutions and tailor them precisely to their customers’ needs. From scene understanding to efficient resource sharing, Picasso Analytics equips our partners with the tools they need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Looking Ahead

But our journey with Picasso Analytics doesn’t end here. We’re committed to continuous innovation and improvement, and future releases are planned to seamlessly integrate with our market-leading no-code developer tool, Blaize® AI Studio®. This will further streamline development workflows and empower developers to build and deploy applications faster and more efficiently.

At Blaize, we’re dedicated to enabling enterprises to harness the power of AI at the edge and in the data center. With Picasso Analytics, we’re taking a significant step forward in achieving that vision. Whether you’re a developer looking to accelerate your projects or an ISV/VMS vendor seeking to enhance your offerings, we invite you to join us on this journey.

To learn more about Picasso Analytics and schedule a demo with Blaize, please visit our website at or Together, we will accelerate the future of edge AI applications.