Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9, 2024 —Blaize, the AI computing innovator revolutionizing edge computing solutions, has announced a technology partnership with CVEDIA, a leading provider of video analytics software, to bring cutting-edge AI solutions to security customers operating on current systems. This collaboration aims to empower security professionals with advanced surveillance capabilities without requiring substantial investments in new infrastructure.

Legacy systems have long been a barrier to adopting AI-driven security solutions, with many organizations struggling to accommodate the resource-intensive demands of AI algorithms and workflows. These companies face challenges related to compatibility, processing power, and cost. As a result, enterprises struggle to leverage the transformative potential of AI solutions to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and drive innovation. Blaize and CVEDIA are addressing these obstacles by leveraging their expertise in AI computing and computer vision software to deliver scalable, cost-effective solutions tailored to the needs of security customers without the need to rip and replace existing infrastructure.

Through this partnership, the CVEDIA AI Encoder, a specialized software module designed to integrate its video analytics software with existing video surveillance systems, will integrate with the Blaize® Graph Streaming Processor (GSP®) based platform. By combining Blaize’s GSP and CVEDIA’s comprehensive video analytics offering, this solution will enable security customers to leverage 3rd party Video Management Systems, such as Milestone, to deploy sophisticated video analytics capabilities directly on their legacy systems without extensive hardware upgrades or replacements.

“We are thrilled to partner with CVEDIA to bring AI video analytics solutions to security customers that are operating on legacy systems,” said Dinakar Munagala, CEO of Blaize. “By harnessing the power of our AI computing platform and CVEDIA’s advanced video analytics technology, we can empower more security organizations to enhance their security operations with real-time threat detection and response capabilities, all while minimizing the cost and the complexity associated with infrastructure upgrades.”

CVEDIA’s video analytics software utilizes synthetic data to train and deploy highly accurate AI models for object detection and classification for people, vehicles, and animals, motion detection, unusual activity detection, and forensic search, all on a small form factor device that allows companies using Linux-based systems to run on Windows-based systems like Milestone. By combining this technology with Blaize’s AI computing platform, security customers can leverage robust and reliable video analytics capabilities to enhance situational awareness, optimize resource allocation by reducing the amount of false positives, and mitigate security risks effectively.

“Partnering with Blaize enables enterprises and system integrators, relying on existing video management systems, the ability to leverage the transformative value of AI video analytics without having to invest in modernizing infrastructure, which can be prohibitively expensive for organizations with tight budgets or existing investments in legacy infrastructure.” Said Arjan Wijnveen, CEO of CVEDIA.

The Blaize and CVEDIA partnership underscores a shared commitment to innovation, accessibility, and customer success in the rapidly evolving field of AI-driven security solutions. Combining cutting-edge technologies with a customer-centric approach allows the two companies can revolutionize how organizations protect their assets, infrastructure, and people.

The Blaize CVEDIA partnership will debut at ISC West in Las Vegas from April 10-12, 2024. To see a live demo, visit Blaize booth 32075  and CVEDIA booth 33080.

For more information about Blaize and CVEDIA’s AI video analytics technologies, please visit Blaize ( and CVEDIA (


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CVEDIA specializes in providing AI-powered video analytics to OEMs, System Integrators and Distributors operating in three key markets – physical security, defence, and transportation. Their primary focus is leveraging proprietary synthetic data for computer vision and deep learning technologies and analyzing video data in real-time. CVEDIA’s AI-based solutions enable organizations to enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and optimize resource allocation. AI-based video analytics that run on any hardware, reliably, and at a fraction of the cost compared to other traditional and AI-powered analytics providers. For more information, please visit

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