Embedded Vision Summit

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2022 | May 17th-19th

Blaize brings transformative Edge AI hardware and software from idea to production at the 2022 Embedded Vision Summit (May 17th-19th) at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Meet our AI experts, attend our Enabling Technologies presentation by industry thought leader Barrie Mullins, dive into live product demos in our Booth 506, or schedule time to meet with us in-person at the Summit.

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Developing Sustainable Edge AI Products for the Real World

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Barrie Mullins
Wednesday, May 18th from 4:15 pm - 4:45 pm PDT

For edge AI systems to succeed in the real world, they must be adaptable. They must adapt as customer requirements change, as their environments evolve and as AI techniques advance. Creating adaptable edge AI systems requires a holistic approach that encompasses efficient deep neural network inference and tools and techniques that enable effective testing, deployment and management of the edge AI device over its entire life cycle. This talk will explore this holistic approach and show how Blaize enables developers to create adaptable, sustainable products for a diverse range of applications.

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